The story of  Ayodhya Ram Mandir
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The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir at twenty six point seven nine degrees north and eighty two point one nine degree East on the map of the world lies the temple town of AYODHYA a place that is believed to stretch back to times beyond the realm of history I heard her on the banks of the river Sarayu is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for wife neva Hindus who believe their God RAM was born here.

The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir

till 1992 a mosque stood at the exact same place where the followers of RAM believed he was born then on 6th of December 1992 thousands of Hindu activists who had gathered in Ionia brought down the mosque 464 years after it was built in 1528 when the first Mughal ruler covered had already established this Christianity over the stand his General Lee in Bakke built a mosque the mosque was situated on a mound and over the centuries a section of the Hindu community began claiming that the Mughals built it by demolishing a structure that marked roms Berkeley’s in 1853 the first records exist of a Hindu Muslim riot over the Masjid in a Athiya the then ruler of India the English East India Company or Company model put up fences dividing the courtyard into two of what had come to be known as the Babri mosque the Muslims were told to offer prayers in the inner courtyard while the Hindus were told to worship on the outer one a small wooden platform came up in the outer courtyard where an idol of the infant RAM or Ram Halle was established and so remained the status quo for 96 years in 1947 when the British left dividing the realm between India and Pakistan and communal clashes seared the countryside there began renewed demands for Hindu control over the Babri Masjid and the establishing of a RAM Mandir in its place in 1948 . [ The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir ]

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the district magistrate of Faizabad declared the place as disputed land and locked the main door of the bhava mustard it was ordered that two guards would take turns to ensure that the lock remained in place one was to be a Hindu the other a Muslim on the intervening night of 22nd 23rd December 1949. an idol of the infant RAM appeared inside the mosque it was placed in the inner sanctum the Hindus immediately claimed it a miracle and further proof of the spot being the birthplace of Rama over the next few days the news spread like wildfire and the followers of ram .began to congregate at the spot in early 1950 the first suit was filed in court by one Gopal Singh Musharraf asking for right to worship the court restrained removal of idols and allowed worship to continue in 1959, near mahir Kara filed a suit asking for possession of the spot claiming it was the custodian for the spot at which Ram was born in December 1981 the third pradesh sunni central border fox moved court to claim possession of babri masjid in february 1986 the Rajiv Gandhi government in what was seen as a move to appease Hindus told the U P state government to remove its objections to the unlocking of the Babri Masjid given an assurance that it would not create a loin on a situation the district court in Faizabad ordered the locks removed till then a solitary priest had been permitted to perform puja once a year but with the gates thrown open all the devout got access to their ram Lala on 1st of July 1989 The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir

The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir a civil suit was filed in the name of Bhagwan Shree Ram la la vie Raj man for declaration and possession of the Masjid complex and on 23rd of October 1989 all four disputes were merged and transferred onto a special bench of the Allahabad High Court but exactly a year later to the day a more dramatic development was to unfold that would heighten the crisis to a point of no return on 23rd of October 1990 LK Advani was arrested at summer support circuit house in Bihar bringing to an abrupt halt his 28 day old Rath Yatra the then BJP president had been riding a modern-day chariot from the temple of somnath in gujarat travelling across nine states he planned to reach out the on October 30th to participate in the massive Hindu mobilization that was underway to build a Ram Mandir in Innia, at the spot where they stood the Babri Masjid the twin towns of Ayodhya. and faizabad had turned into a fortress as the area around Babri Masjid was fortified to stop car say bugs from reaching the site

The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir

but VHP and budgin girl activists continued to pour into a Odia evading police barricades on October 30th nineteen ninety thousand zuv Hindu volunteers or car Civics thronged the Hanuman Gauri crossing about 15,000 cars a works pushed towards Babri Masjid a few cars a works even managed to climb the Dome of the mosque and unfurl a saffron flag and the top with instructions from the state government to not allow any damage to the mosque the police resorted to firing at the crowd in the 1991 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections the BJP won absolute majority and the new Chief Minister Kalyan Singh handed over a two point seven seven acre patch of land in front of the Babri Masjid to the Ram Janmabhoomi nos onlies

The story of Ayodhya Ram Mandir in October 1992 the VHP announced a grand car Sabha on the 6th of December the same year on 27th November the Kalyan Singh government assured the supreme court that the state government was fully committed to safeguarding Babri Masjid by the 5th of December 1992 an estimated two and a half lakh people had gathered around the disputed structure on 6th of December at around 11 a.m. the first of the kharsa box broke through the cordon at 11:43 some car civics climbed on top of the Dome of the masjid by 12:05 p.m. all three domes were submerged under car say works by 4:59 p.m. ruble was all that was left of Babri Masjid since that December day in 1992 the disputed site has remained under extreme security lockdown the mound where the babri masjid stood is where the idol of Ramallah remained under a makeshift tarpaulin cover for 27 years devotees of Rahm came in through narrow security pathways to catch a glimpse of their God while the Muslim stayed away fighting the case in court in April 2002 the Allahabad High Court began hearing on who owns the disputed land in 2003 the Supreme Court ordered that to maintain communal harmony no religious activity should take place at the site on September 30th 2010 the Allahabad High Court divided the disputed land in three parts one third for the Sunni wakfboard one third for the near mejia Hara and one third to the party forum Lala in May 2011 the Supreme Court issued a stay order on the entire 67 acre area in December 2017 thirty-two civil rights activists filed a plea challenging the 2010 Allahabad the High Court verdict a three-judge bench led by the then Chief Justice of India deepak mishra began the final iota hearing but in second of October 2018 justice Mishra retired in February 2009 teen Anu five-judge bench and the Chief Justice Runyon go-going began hearing but first order the court monitored mediation in August 2009 teen the mediation talks fell through and daily hearings began on 16th of October 2019 the daily hearings of the final arguments in the Ayodhya a land dispute case concluded in the Supreme Court of India you


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